Progress and Results

15.01.2019 sEMG and exoskeleton testing

One of the challenge of active exoskeleton technology is to control the actuator depending on the user's intention. The use of surface electromyograph, or sEMG, signal allows to infer the user's intention during a sit-to-stand motion. 

The exoskeleton and the sEMG armband has shown positive results in the detection and the assistance of the motion. 

24.04.2017 Kick Off Meeting of the Exo-Aider Project

Participants from partners and Innovation Fund Denmark's investment manager came to the meeting. The project strategy and work plan, and objectives were discussed. AAU demoed the upper-body exoskeletons developed in previous national and EU projects.

The kickoff meeting took place in AAU-MK with the entire consortium, namely:

  • AAU-MK: Aalborg University, Materials and Production
  • AAU-ES: Aalborg University, Electronic Systems
  • Innovationsfund
  • Wolturnus
  • Autonomous Fundation
  • Vesthimmerland Kommune
  • Ningbo University